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While Josh Kelley is not an stranger to the music scene, having previously released pop hits Amazing and Only You, this individual be a newcomer to many new bands fans. In case you are not quite familiar with Josh’s name just yet, that’s certain to change. Georgia Clay, the main single from his debut country debut album proves that Josh Kelley’s voice lends itself to new bands quite well. If Josh seems right at home in the state genre, it may be as they grew up in Georgia, listening to country music with his dad, and also since finally, he feels like he has come “home” any genre that enables him condition expertise what he really to help say musically.

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UPDATE: An infant has ended. Congratulations to Ryan Lotich for winning 2 VIP tickets to the Texas Beer Festival. The answer to the question was the Reinheitsgebot, which was founded in Plano in 1982, though their first production beer didn’t roll off the cloths line until almost 3 years later. Since they eventually closed in 1990, the founders went on to open North by Northwest in Austin and are still there today.

Actor Kevin James (“Hitch”, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, “Grown Ups”) will join St. Louis this Wednesday, June 29 to greet fans having a red carpet premiere of his upcoming movie, the comedy “Zookeeper”. In the movie, James plays a zookeeper whose animals teach him the right way to woo in excess of of his dreams, the actual premiere seem taking place at the St. Louis Zoo.

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Think of Jillian’s for older version of Chuck E Cheese but more child friendly then Dave & Busters which is 21 and up. This is a great place to bond within your tween, and they’ll definitely accept you for it.