Why cant you receive Facebook messages ON Facebook – Answers

I received every message on facebook.

My mum says she can see my messages i send and receive on facebook how is this possible?
Your mum has your password, that is the only way she is able to see the messages that you send and receive on Facebook. Consider changing your password.

How can you get my facebook inbox history?
You cant, only the viewable messages, if they are deleted they cant be recovered

What does mark as spam mean on facebook?
It means to no longer receive messages from that person

How do you chat on Facebook mobile?
FaceBook mobile doesn’t provide for chatting. You can send and เล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์ receive messages the same way you do on a computer.

What is an inbox on Facebook?
an inbox on facebook is where people can email you messages that only you can see. After you receive their message and read it, you may also reply to it.

Can you see your friends messages without hacking on facebook?
No, unless you can get access to the persons account, you cant see their messages, unless that person posts it.

How do you find deleted messages on Facebook?
how can i find deleted messages on facebook

Will you know if you cant send a message on facebook?
yes because it will show a little notification when you click messages and it will tell you

How do you know when you receive a message in your Facebook Inbox?
uhhh you look at the top of your home page when you log on and then it will show how many messages that you have on there.

How do you block messages from a person on facebook without deleting them?
how to block messages of unknown person on facebook

Can I send messages to Facebook from any mobile device?
Yes you can. You’ll need to set up your Facebook account for Facebook Mobile (click on My Mobile then Learn More About Mobile Texts). This allows you to use text messaging to send to and receive from Facebook.

How do you send messages on facebook chat using wii?
you cant, its so annoying but im not sure i think you can buy keyboards for the wii?

How do you delete messages from Facebook you no longer want?
Open the messages that you want to delete and use the check boxes to delete the messages from Facebook that you no longer want.

Are messages on facebook private?
Most messages are private, but not messages you post on someone’s wall.

What do you do when you cant receive text messages?
Use this new invention called the telephone, it allows you to communicate with whomever you choose, by speaking to them.

Can i go read messages of someone else inbox in facebook?
No, you cannot typically read the messages of someone’s inbox on the Facebook website. You may be able to read someone’s messages if they used your device and did not log out from the Facebook website.

How-to see who’s viewed your profile on Facebook?
You cant, it’s not possible. Be warned that those links or events or messages on your Facebook saying see who viewed my profile are nothing but hackers’ tools…used to hack into your Facebook account and use it for malicious purposes

How do you recover a facebook message without no messages in your inbox?
How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages red this setap website

Can you receive text messages using blue tooth?
No, you can receive note messages. By:SR✌✌:-)

How do you see your messages in facebook?
There is a messages icon in the top left corner of the page.

How do you find out when a person messages you on facebook?
You go to your messages and check if you have anything in your inbox .

How do you send Facebook messages on your PlayStation 4?
Go To The Browser And Go to messages

How do you delete received messages in facebook?
In Facebook there is a notation for new messages. After viewing these messages it is possible to delete them individually or return to the list and delete all. This is done by using the corner x.

Will other friends on facebook see your messages you send to a single friend?
No, your other friends on Facebook will not be able to see your messages that you send to a single friend. Private messages are just that – private.

Can you send messages on Facebook on DSi?
Yes because on the D.S.i you can go on facebook

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