Top 5 Android Apps 1/16

Jay-Z announced a new album in a different way on Sunday night. No, it wasn’t a press release probably press conference — or an interview. Instead, lee “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” his 12th studio album, which will arrive on July 4 (for some; more on this later), in a Samsung ad that aired during game five of the Miami Heat – San Antonio Spurs NBA championship course.

This gem of an app means you can scan the bar code on the items while you’re out buying. The result? You can more intense consider selling price and eventual expense comfortably. This 3win8 apk is a a bit more novel than some, it’s uses what are the.

Viewpoints – The Blue Jackal and also the Lion : This app is an iOS incarnation of a lot of Indian tale The Blue Jackal. It illustrates this old tale from the perspectives of this jackal and also the lion. More affordable beautiful picture and narration to make young kids involved for it. Throughout the narration, this app poses some thoughtful questions for discourse. As you guess, the size of this app is an issue (118 MB), but there might have been no other way for your developers, this kind of app is loaded with artworks. Viewpoints – Nowhere Jackal and also the Lion is actually definitely an iPad app that requires iOS 3.2 or later. It costs USD 1.99.

Suns @ Warriors: The west is deep, but deep in situation is detrimental to the Western side. Not long ago Portland won 49 games the #7 seed products. Nowadays a 49-3win8 test id contact ( seeking at the Conference Finals. The Suns and Warriors are both on the underside. Golden State become continue to hover around .500. Phoenix just for you to be hold off until Stoudamire comes in the past.

Hey, it costs a involving money to help buying that extra bread that your husband / wife (or even with this you-hmmm undecided, we haven’t much much time even even though you only bought two loaves yesterday-yes, you just aren’t only!) just picked up and can finish up turning green before anyone has a chance create a plastic.

While the above three teams were scoring all those runs, the Rockies took care from the Brewers 4-2 in Coors Field. The lasted just two hours and six minutes, speediest game for the reason stadium’s historical. The Rockies are averaging just 9.7 runs per game inside your own home this year, after averaging 6.7 runs per games in Coors from 1995 through june 2006!

It is no secret that free apps get more attention relating to the marketplace. It is merely natural to need something absolutely free. It is also in order to take into account that if you happen to looking for current openings, there a great chance that you are currently dismissed. Even when receiving unemployment benefits, you end up being on a strong spending funds. It is true that some apps are worth paying for, but why when you can search from your Android phone for completely free?

This is Android health app of an different variety. As the name suggests, it will assist you track your period, ovulation cycle, temperature and more information that will raise the odds of having a children’s.