Finding Refrigerators Replacement Parts For When Time is Tight

You have heard the stories – a friend’s refrigerator water filter breaks, or the ice-maker goes kaput in the freezer. Perhaps more serious issues come up, like a faulty capacitor or burned out wire connector. What do you do?

I Sing the Capacitor Electric \u2013 Passive Components BlogWhen you invest in a new refrigerator, you expect them to last a good long time. Fortunately, manufacturers like Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG, GE and others usually back up their products with warranties to help a homeowner replace a refrigerator if necessary. But once the warranty expires, an appliance owner generally will have to find the right refrigerator replacement parts.

Some of the problems that can occur in refrigerators that are a few years old and the warranty has expired include:

– Not cooling properly – this problem happens more than you’d think. Try checking the condenser coils, located on the rear of the refrigerator. It’s important to make sure there are a few inches between the refrigerator coils and the wall and that nothing is on top at the rear, blocking the heat from coming off the coils.

– Freezer not cold enough – Check to see if there’s a defective defrost thermostat. Test your defrost thermostat to determine if it has malfunctioned. If it has, you will need to replace it.

– Malfunctioning icemaker – For icemaker issues, your refrigerator might have an issue with the water inlet valve. It may be filled with ice. If it is, you may need to dethaw the entire freezer unit.

Once you’ve determined the issue that needs attention, where do you turn to for refrigerator repair parts? In years gone by, you might turn to a local hardware store for a replacement part. Today, more small Mom & Pop businesses are fading from the physical American landscape. So while you might not find the right appliance parts on Main Street, a quick Google search in your local community will give you listings for several appliance repairs and parts companies.

Finding the right source for all appliance parts can be a great help to a homeowner or appliance maintenance business. Your local appliance parts repair company will likely carry thousands of appliance parts for any and all major appliances. Its knowledgeable customer service team will be able to assist you find the part you are looking for. The right company will also offer professional installation, maintenance tips, great prices and fast delivery on the brand make or model part you are looking for.

Working with your local appliance parts company will give you access to an extensive online catalog of appliance parts that you can click to find the right part for your appliance. Usually, these companies represent such premium appliance lines as Whirlpool, Amana, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Maytag, Electrolux, Frigidaire, General Electric, Kenmore, SpeedQueen, Thermador, Bosch, Gagganau, Fasco, and many more.

So when time is tight, and repair is necessary for your refrigerator or other appliance, look to Appliance Parts Company, your source for all your appliance parts needs, and find the right appliance parts for any and all major appliances.

Article Source: Appliance Parts blog

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