Everything That Relates to The APFC Relay Systems

APFC or the automatic power factor control unit is a substantial worthy system used in power factor correction and flow of electric current smoothly. This automatic system is designed, constructed and adjusted to control power factor over threshold value with the help of capacitors that are switched by contractors, which in turn are controlled by regulator, capable of measuring the PF in electric supply network.

In an AC circuit which voltage lags the current in a capacitor: Source voltage or capacitor ...The controller is designed in a manner to adjust PF through process of switching plenty of capacitors from bank. Reactive power control relay is a crucial part of APFC relay system, having the capability to measure the active as well as reactive power of power networks. Reactive power control relay also controls target PF through either activating or deactivating the capacitors.

The APFC relays come with various value packed advantages like automatic control, dust protection, compatibility with the computers, simple commissioning, substantial reduction in the electricity bills, automated alarms in the event of any kind of supply abnormality and fault detection, lessening in MDI or the maximum demand, good improvement in voltage line, extremely low burden is put on transmission systems as well as power cables, and enhanced shelf life of the equipment ultimately leading to minimal breakdowns.

APFC units are specially designed to correct the power factor through switching the capacitors from the capacitor bank. The electrical equipment has substantial value if we speak in context of electrical set ups installed in industries.

Relays come in variety of models. The category of special purpose relays include Liquid level control relay, Voltage control relay, Current control relay, Phase segment relay, Phase control relay, Under speed relay etc. There is also option to go for the electronic motor protection relays with exclusive features like the Overload, Under Current, Phase – Loss/ imbalance/ Reversal, besides keeping the check on locked rotor as well as ground fault.

APFC Relay for https://wp.maxcapacitors.com/ Power Factor Correction in Low Voltage applications is constructed with the purpose of measuring the actual power factor and appropriately connect/disconnect capacitors for achieving target power factor. The single phase electronic measuring system then senses the active/reactive component in the network through the measure of voltage-current graph. The info provided on APFC relay unit will help you to know about instantaneous quantity, energy consumption, power consumption, as well as threshold data and the temperature. Overall, the relays work on the principle of reactive power detection.

The electrical equipment finds an extensive usage in different types of electrical applications. The intelligent switching and auto CT polarity, durability, low energy consumption, besides operational efficiency, gives APFCs more usable advantages in different areas and industrial segments.

Buying the APFC relays

Once you have the basic product knowledge, the question that comes up now – How to make the purchase? What types of options are available before you? How those options are helpful? You have to check all these points:


Is the APFC relays maintains quality standards as per the requirements. Ask the supplier or dealer dealing in electrical equipment. He is the right person to contact.


What type of model is available with the dealer? Does this model suits your requirements?


What is the price value of APFC relays? If the dealer is offering them at expensive prices, obviously, you need to look around for another dealer.

The trouble free power factor correction is there. You have the equipment that comes with intelligent adjustment interface and efficient too. Make sure you go for the right choice of the equipment. Search around at the reliable equipment store that also provides you with bulk options.

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